Swinging in California

A story idea…

In California, a woman falls in love in love with a man fifteen years younger. What do they talk about when they go swing dancing together, and how does he persuade her that he’s not too young for her?

Another story idea…

A young female scientist discovers that a genetically modified beetle has the capability of spreading autism to fetuses through its feces. How does the corporation who designed the beetle try to silence her, and what is she willing to do to spread the word?

A few character names to use…

  • Norman Knight
  • Lani Godbehere
  • Umberto Green
  • Barb Dwyer
  • Sergeant Ray Stiller
  • Justin Palo

Some of my favorite sentences…

A sudden warm rainstorm washes down in sweet hyphens.

– J.M. Ledger

The sky, at sunset, looked like a carnivorous flower.

– Roberto Bolano


Moody Reveal

A simple story idea…

A young entrepreneur creates an app that can detect a person’s mood and broadcast it online. Why did the entrepreneur create such an app, and what is he feeling as his father slowly dies from pancreatic cancer?

Another unrelated but cute story idea…

A recent divorcee starts finding owls symbols and images everywhere she goes. Who appears in her life to tell her what they mean, and why does she start making tiny owls and setting them around town?


A few character names for the story…

  • Lea Ho
  • Jared Tuck
  • Rodrigo Nunez
  • Pinto Schwartz
  • Hans Egger
  • Lilly Binder

Breast Bet

A basic story idea…

A female entrepreneur of workout videos wrestles with whether or not to get a boob job after a consultant tells her it would help the business. What does the entrepreneur do when her five-year-old daughter asks her whether she can get a boob job, too?

Another story idea…

Write a character who has been estranged from her elderly father for more than a decade, but who finally visits him at his retirement home. Describe how she reacts when she figures out he doesn’t remember her any more.

And just one more…

A Silicon Valley company discovers how to implant memories from your future into your brain. What happens to the first person they try it on?

A few potential character names for the story…

Alison McGyver

Walker Pheonix

Bianca Shore

A New Invention

A simple story idea…

Dream up a new invention that is wonderful for the world, but devastating to your character. How does this character respond to the invention?

Another one…

A man who manufacturers custom high-end soap and sells it online has gossip spread about him that he has a taste for children. How does the man react when he hears the gossip?

A few character name ideas…

Lian Cho-Hahn

Natalia Mariana Soto Perez

Phoenix James

One of my favorite character descriptions…

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Her skin glistening in the neon light coming from the paved court through the slits in the blind, her soot-black lashes matted, her grave gray eyes more vacant than ever.

Three Nicknames

A simple story idea…

A man has three nicknames, each representing different parts of his personality and parts of his life. What are the three nicknames, and why does he hate the first two and love the last one?

Another concept…

A woman sews two hammocks together to create a chrysalis high in a tree in order to protest a political movement, and the press flock to cover her. What is she protesting, and how does she succeed?

Some character names for the story…

  • Singh Skeet
  • Sheldon Gallagher
  • Wallace Sharp

A few ideas for names for the town where this story takes place:

  • Beybrook
  • Apeburgh
  • Parsminster

A few possible jobs for the main character: