Bowling with Dad

Following up on Breast Bet, here’s a story idea about a father and son and bonding.

An absent father tries to reconnect with his teenage son by taking him to bowling alleys and teaching him the game. How do they bond over the game of bowling, and what is the biggest resentment the son has against his father?

This got me thinking about bowling alleys and whether anyone really goes bowling anymore. It seems to be a pastime out of a bygone era. Maybe that’s what would make the story work — a father trying to pass along his knowledge and skill as a way to not just bond, but to keep memories alive.

I was thinking about opening the story with this line:

He was going back to a place he’d hoped he would never see again.



Escape from Mormon Town

I’ve always been fascinated by the tension of devotion to religion and the new norms of modern life. Here’s a story idea about a young woman grappling with some of those same issues.

A 18-year-old woman who has grown up in a polygamous Mormon community just outside St. George, Utah, decides she wants to leave just before she’s betrothed to a much older man with three wives. How does she escape, and how do they attempt to track her down?

The initial setting for the story is a small coffee shop in the town, where the young woman is struggling to make ends meet. Her suitor represents an escape from financial hardship, but the end of the freedoms that a young woman would otherwise enjoy.

While doing some research for this story, I stumbled across an interesting fact about coffee — besides the fact that I drink too much of it. It turns out that the Folger Coffee Company is by far the leading vendor of coffee in the United States, with over a billion in sales last year. Who knew?


And although this post is in grave danger of veering violently off-topic once more, the story takes place in Utah, one of the most beautiful states in the USA. Here’s a picture from Glen Canyon, showcasing some of the amazing natural scenery that Utah has to offer.


Stay at Home Stalker

Another story idea knocked loose from the cobwebs in my brain. I thought of this one shortly after Going to the Dogs.

A stay-at-home mother with twin newborns worries that a neighbor is stalking her. What makes her call the police, and how is her life threatened?

The first sentence will go a little like this:

He had never seen so many homeless people in one place.

And finally, here are a few ideas for the first name of the stay-at-home mother.

Cecelia Sullivan
Danielle Sweeney
Neva Clayton
Rachelle Pauline Moss
Serena Davidson