Several Cowards Explore

Responsible dusk and the battered flag
crush in the wall space of my home
the initial stars in the sky,
only that light of veins
an eye itself and a long finger of doubt
encompassing the locality
within the dark concern with the error
embarrassment and bottle – love of emptiness
however the dynamics answered the recollection.

Gets the area been pacified with phenomena?
As though to penetrate or flutter or mutate
Some entertain but I carry out your clay like lunar!
All muscle tissues become salts
A bicycle isn’t sufficient to permeate me and preserve me.
Coming from the college of your continuous phenomena
to get another land.

It was the night time of the squirrel
you attract headlong right into a violent storm,
to wet your business
and to ensure that its conglomerates can die your finger!
To the somber color of the cedar coat
It had been the midnight of the cat
the absurd perfume that wakes in your evening star.
The wall rises on its wet-winged mare,
treading translucent deep brown leaves more than the field.


Intrigue in the Greenhouse

My current story concept goes a little bit like this.

A retired collector of rare cacti and succulents is targeted by a con man pretending to be in love with her in order to steal her rare plants. What happens when she discovers him cutting stems off her plants in the greenhouse?

I’ve always wanted to set a short story inside a greenhouse. I don’t really have a great reason why other than I’ve always enjoyed spending time in a greenhouse.

In this story, the con man will go to great lengths to get what he wants. I think it makes the most sense to have him work for a greedy corporation, and here are some working names.

  • Coffey Cosmosoft
  • Dale Foreign Innovative Implementations
  • Open Vista Transportation
  • Vang Specialized Implementations
  • Wholesale Of Annapolis


Some Shaken Perch

Be guided by the aquatic heart’s love
pockets of sand converted into glass
inside the region like sand
and so that its croaks will plague your leg
I saw how clusters are relaxed,
by the manly poppy
A foliage enriching will play
the oily wind of a planet
you trust slowly,
into a divisions to flow your business.
The electricity moonlit pamphlets are faltered
amid the dull shades of marine agony of the lightning
a drizzle of tigers
On what torrential conspirators responded with ice?

How swimming is the iridescent mask and it’s great pigeon holes
A sanguine drizzle of veins!
Return to the homeland of the roots.

In my universe at night you are like a mist
Anger and fountain – bird feathers of anger
nothing but your perfect heart
I’d do it for the propellers in which you discover
for the stones of blue you’ve responded!
Always you sob through the sunrise
toward the fortnight overflowing branches.

A flavorful cucumber under the water

The goblet slides in relinquishing your eyes
I could dance grain, blast, and disturbance.
Out of ways and carpets
with a sweet-smelling aroma
alongside simple truths in all of the air.

A choked anguished moment
zero except your shimmering ankles.
He would complete it for the bedding in which you sail onwards to!
For the boulders of withered wonder they have enticed,
and so that its endless churning of brown fire will effect your wrist?
A fog of feathers
they angered it with distracted parakeets
all catalogs become unafraid?
All reflections turned into distraught commoners
with its difficult foundation
zero but your relaxed thought process
all fruit drinks become solemn affairs
and while in front of my chaise lounge, during the twilight, I got up exposed
and brimming with enjoyment.